Speed Dating Services

Speed dating services.


HurryDate – Speed Dating and Online DatingThis is the most established speed dating service on the web with 2.65 million members mainly in the United States.

HurryDate has two parts, online and organized parties.  Online works the way of any normal dating site.

HurryDate speed dating parties let you meet people face-to-face.  Each party is held at fun, cool bars and is organized so you meet people on a series of real live mini-dates. When you check-in, your HurryDate hosts will give you a SCOREcard and ID number that HurryDaters will use to identify you, and you'll take a seat at one of many tables-for-two.

When it's time to begin, you'll talk to the person across from you until your host blows the whistle to indicate your date is over and you move on to the next date.

After each date, you'll ever-so-discreetly circle a "yes" or "no" next to each person's ID number on your SCOREcard to indicate if you want to be in touch. At the end of the night, you'll take your SCOREcard home to enter who you liked into the online system. They'll then match you up with who is interested in you too! From there, it's up to you to get in touch through our secure email system to set up a real date!

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Speed Dater

The United Kingdom's largest speed dating company offering 150 single events every month.  The Speed dating face-to-face meetings work in the same way as HurryDate.

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Chemistry is the UK's largest live dating experience and offers singles parties and speed dating events throughout the UK.

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