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Description A standard dating site but one of the largest.  You can search on almost anything recorded in profiles, from horoscope signs and political views to body type and geographical location.
Membership Costs Free Account
Flirt with a free Icebreaker message
Take the Relationship Test
Take the Personality & Love Style Test
Create a Profile
$0.00 a month.

Yahoo! Personals
As above plus:
Send emails
Send instant messages
$24.95 a month for 1 month
$17.99 a month for 3 months
$13.99 a month for 6 months

Yahoo! Personals Premier
As above plus:
Relationship Fit Rating
Rate your matches to improve search results
Option to search Premier Subscribers
$39.95 a month
$28.32 a month for 3 months
$20.83 a month for 6 months

Who Is It For Men and women looking for partners in their own country.  There are separate sites for many countries. 

Europe: UK & Ireland - France - Germany - Italy - Spain
Asia Pacific: Japan - Australia & New Zealand - China - Hong Kong - Taiwan
Americas: US - Brazil - Canada

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